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2020 Market Trends

At the start of a new decade, AccountAbility is thrilled to deliver our annual AccountAbility Market Trends Report.

We’re specialists in our chosen discipline and have created a business that is devoted to providing a service tailored specifically to accounting and business support. We have a deep understanding of what inspires candidates in their careers, what drives them to change jobs, and what makes them chose one employer over another. We've surveyed over 3000 employers and employees across Sydney and Melbourne and this, combined with a detailed analysis of the roles we have recruited in 2019 has provided us invaluable insights on why employees are looking for new opportunities, what hiring managers are looking, our consultants observations on the market and a salary guide to make sure you're being paid in line with the market.

Don't get left behind, download our 2020 Market trends Report now.

DHL 2020 Market Trends