Meet Janessa

We recently caught up with Janessa Smit, Team Leader of AccountAbility Melbourne, to find out more about her role, her team and what trends she is seeing in the Melbourne market.


Tell us a little about yourself?

My name's Janessa, I work in Accounting and Business Support, Melbourne, I have the pleasure of managing a team of 3 staff across the Business and Accounting support functions. I have a mix of new and senior recruiters in my team, which keeps me on my toes. I add value from a business development perspective, account management, training and developing, negotiating and conflict resolution and general day to day queries and questions that come up. I also have my portfolio to recruit for (Accounting Support) and enjoy being very hands on within my role.


Tell us about your team?

I have a great team of enthusiastic consultants, who have a similar ethos to mine around being transparent in their recruitment style! We are all here to help the client, and the candidate build a better future. We are not about quick wins but instead building long relationships and consulting with our clients. I have specialised consultants in my team that work with specific job titles, this makes them become an SME in their areas, and we can action client and candidate requests quickly as we are experts in our markets.


What is the most exciting thing you see in the market?

I am so excited to see clients are really starting to value the importance of cultural fit vs. skill set, I saw a quote the other day that I tailored to fit– “Skills may open doors, but attitude will keep you in the building!” I love that I can educate my clients on this and time and time again have been able to successfully place candidates who would never have been looked at by an internal recruiter / Hiring Manager!


What advice would you give to clients?

Don't always go for the most experienced candidate. Sometimes you will have more success picking the candidate with the right attitude and investing time into their training and development for the role. Also, go to your staff and check in, don't wait for them to come to you as it will be too late!


What’s the biggest challenge in the market, and how are you tackling this?

Payroll is this biggest challenge in the market for me at the moment. There is a candidate shortage, and this is because 5+ years ago everyone was offshoring or outsourcing, so the new generation of Payroll Officers never came through, they went into more lucrative roles in the market. This has caused a massive skill gap and clients have the choice of hiring a graduate and training them or going for the more experienced candidate, but they come with a pretty big price tag at the moment! There is no easy solution, but I suggest that clients keep an open mind when looking at resumes. With a candidate short market, you have to assess the candidates' attitude and ability to learn vs. the skill set they currently have. If you give someone an opportunity and train them, they become very loyal and dedicated to you plus they work to your style and at your level of detail as you have taught them – This works well in larger teams as you have enough resources to cover while training.

What do you think is the most important thing when trying to find the perfect candidate for a client?

The most important thing when trying to find the perfect candidate is for the client to have a crystal clear picture of the role, the more information you can give us the better. Let us get to know everything that you are looking for, tell us about the company your culture. Just a 30minute conversation helps us find out what's important to you and leave us fully equipped to find the perfect fit for your company. We also always appreciate your feedback and keeping us involved in the process, keeping open communication really makes a whole lot of difference for the candidate's journey making sure they have a pleasant experience of both Ambition and your company along the process.