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Sector Overview - Reception PA / EA

Sector Overview 2021: Reception & PA / EA

Published on 17th February 2030

With the changing market, staying in the know is critical. Our specialist consultants have provided a short sector overview on the roles of Reception and Personal Assistants/ Executive Assistants throughout 2021.

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Due to COVID-19 and the shift to working from home, there were fewer opportunities for receptionists than we have seen in previous years. Corporate organisations have amalgamated reception and switchboard handling into the role of an administrator. In contrast, industries such as health and aged care have been busier than ever, and we have seen a sharp increase in reception roles that also incorporate administration activities.

"We are predicting a demand for reception coverage in early 2021, particularly in Victoria, when offices increase in capacity and there is an increase in visitors to these workplaces."

Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant

Through 2020 we have seen a reduced number of EA/PA roles across all industries compared to 2019. The demand is still there, particularly within large corporate organisations, and these roles have seen little effect as a result of COVID-19. We have however, seen an increase of long-term contracts rather than permanent in some businesses, filling the demand for the role within the business while not increasing headcount.

In SME’s which may have lost a few administration support roles, executive assistants may have needed to take on additional administration tasks as well as maintaining their own tasks to cover these gaps.

For those executive assistants who found themselves starting a new role during COVID-19, they have had the extra challenge of having to create a relationship with their executives remotely. This has in turn made it more important than ever for EA/PAs to be adaptable and able to build rapport and respect with their executives and greater teams.

Download our full Market trends report here.

Our full market trends report also includes a helpful salary guide, and provides a reflection on 2020 and what you can expect in 2021 when hiring.