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Sector Overview 2021: Admin/Team Assistant, Office Manager & Customer Service

Published on 30th June 2030

​With the changing market, staying in the know is critical. Our specialist consultants have provided a short sector overview on the roles of Administrator/Team Assistant, Office Manager, and Customer Service throughout 2021.

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​Administrator / Team Assistant

Support roles such as administrator were unfortunately one of the first roles to be affected during the beginning of COVID-19. This was mainly due to the fact businesses were looking to cut costs and administration support could be seen as more of luxury to some organisations, as they would be used to offload work and certain tasks within a team.

We are already beginning to experience an increase in these roles since businesses have started returning to the office. For example, there have been a few project based administrator roles recently due to staff working from home or an increased workload which has resulted in a need for this calibre of candidate to aid the business with a backlog of work. This should hopefully finish with a boom once people return to their offices full time.

We are also noticing (and predicting for the future) an increase in part time administration support roles. As offices continue to allow flexible working less employees will be in the office.

Office Manager

We have seen a decrease in office manager roles since COVID-19 hit. With the move to a working from home model in most businesses, there were a large amount of the usual office manager tasks that were no longer required. For smaller businesses in particular, support roles have become “luxury” with more senior employees having to fend for themselves.

Those industries which were less affected by COVID-19, such as telecommunications, financial services, transport and logistics and FMCG, would have seen less change in the role of office manager due to business remaining typical.

With all this being said, the market should bounce back when offices fully re-open and large portions of employees return to the office.

Customer Service

For thriving industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, wine, technology and home office/furniture suppliers, there was a large increase in business from COVID-19, meaning a rise in the need for call centre agents in March. Not to mention the numerous COVID-19 help lines/contact tracing call centres that emerged.

We interestingly saw a lot of candidates step into these customer service roles with a range of different backgrounds from struggling industries especially aviation, high street retail, hospitality, and events. This was a lifeline for these candidates as they could easily transfer their skills to this type of work.

For the first time, due to the impacts of COVID-19, customer service roles have moved to the working from home model. Particularly in Victoria, with longer impacts of the virus, customer service call centre, and order processing staff have been working from home for the majority of the year. This meant that candidates from all locations and states were now able to apply for these roles, which enabled a larger pool of available candidates.

Due to these being mainly contract roles, and people moving back to their more preferred roles/industries once the pandemic has settled, questions is, will there be a demand for candidates with call centre experience once COVID-19 is over? Customer service/order
processing roles maintained their presence as these were in unchanging industries such as manufacturing, transport and logistics and FMCG.

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