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Meet Lucy

Published on 20th September 2030

Introduce yourself?

My name is Lucy McDonald, I recruit for AccountAbility within Business Support, I work within the more junior roles over any industry and do a lot in the temporary space. Pretty much all businesses need someone in Admin or Reception!

On a whole what are clients looking for in candidates at the moment?

There is a big focus on attitude and personality. Skills and experience are always fantastic, but clients are looking for adaptability, skills and experience can be taught if required.

I have some clients who prefer to take on more junior candidates, as they are quick to learn and they are able to be taught the desired way. This way they are also able to give these more junior candidates a rare opportunity as other companies might not be able too.

What basic tips would you give to candidates to make them more employable?

Present your CV clearly and without errors making sure to highlight any and all achievements. Remember CVs only get about 30 second of attention – what are you doing to make yours stand out? In an interview setting, ensure you have done your research on the company, viewing the website and even looking at recent press releases. It means you can be prepared for any specific questions and make a good impression by referencing what you have learnt in your research!


What’s the most sort after skill that candidates should make sure they're across?

Candidates need to be up with the latest technology, it’s almost a non-negotiable to be across all of Microsoft Suite for any admin/reception/data entry roles. Beneficial to have these listed on your resume as well so clients don’t have to guess.
From a soft skill side, candidates should be able to display the use of initiative and forward thinking, using examples. 

What advice would you give to job seekers at the moment?

Prepare yourself for your job hunt with an up-to-date resume and thought out answers to commonly asked interview questions. Interviews can be daunting, but always keep positive and let your personality shine! Ask for feedback where possible.