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Meet Brendan

Published on 13th April 2022

We recently shared a coffee with Senior Consultant Brendan Blewitt, to discuss his career, smashing multiple goals month after month, and his triumphs with AccountAbility since he started last year.

In one short sentence describe your story so far with AccountAbility.

Smooth and busy – there has been a lot happening within the market, and our AccountAbility team. I feel I have fitted in well and managed to hit the ground running... It's hard to believe it has only been 8 months, as feels like I have been here for many years.

We know that you specialise in Payroll and Accounting support, but what would you say is your specialised skill?

Definitely payroll within the not-for-profit, aged care, and the healthcare space and business as usual for larger payrolls and systems. Recently I have been working on a number of specialist projects roles within the payroll space, as we have seen a large number of system implementations and businesses adopting cloud-based software. Very exciting times.

How would your colleagues describe you, in 3 words?

Hardworking, genuine, and focused

Who or what are you most inspired by in your position?

I really find it rewarding when placing the right candidate in the right job. Being a part of someone’s journey and being able to add value either, through advice on the market or career suggestions, or even physically helping someone land their next big job is extremely rewarding. I think we have all at one time worked in a role that we are not quite set on, so if I am able to assist someone in finding something they enjoy doing, this is all I am looking for.

What’s the most interesting thing you have learned in recruitment recently?

I find it very interesting that after the last year, I am seeing a massive shift in candidates' priorities. At one time it was the salary, the company, or the potential career progression. More and more, I am seeing this shift of work flexibilities being the prime concern of candidates above all else. I think everyone as a whole has really taken the time to stop and think about what actually matters to them, which I think is fantastic.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given, and how did you implement it for yourself?

I feel the best advice I have ever read is based on Stoicism. There are a number of lessons in this philosophy but a key point I try to implement in my life is recognising what I can and cannot control. For instance, I cannot always control certain circumstances or situations, but I can control how I react to them. I try to always look internally when handling things and be accountable for myself. At times life can be quite loud and it can be hard to focus or know what to do, but I have found switching my thinking around to ‘‘ok, what can I control/do” has really helped me to develop some strategies in dealing with things, as well as limit overthinking.

Can you give us 3 top tips for someone looking for a new job in payroll?

1. Do some Excel training. For higher-level payroll officers, I am seeing more and more need for someone who is able to make and use pivot tables/VLOOKUP, as well as do manual calculations of super, payroll tax and leave entitlements.
2. Understand the full payroll process from start to finish. Understand awards and where to find the relevant information you need.
3. Be hungry to learn and grow.

Is there a personal habit you are most proud of, and why?

I would say my fitness habits are what I am most proud of. Once upon a time, I was well over 120 kg but I now sit around 80kg. Also going to the gym now is not a chore, it really is my time to problem solve and work on myself, and reset when needed.

If you are interested in a career at AccountAbility, please get in contact with Yseult d'Estelle Roe for more information!