Sabrina Bare

Specialisation: Accounting Support
Company Position: Associate Consultant
Email Address: Sabrina.Bare@accountability.com.au
Phone Number: +61 2 8296 5314
Location: Sydney

Area of expertise:
Sabrina works within the AcountAbility Accounting Support team. While she only has 3 months of recruitment experience in Australia, she's keen to establish herself and focus on expanding her network here in Australia. Receiving her degree in finance she has a technical understanding of the roles and really strives to find the right ‘fit’. Sabrina specialises in hiring for accounting roles across all industries. The roles she recruits include: Payroll, Assistant Accountants, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Assistants and Bookkeeping.


Top candidate tip:
Being completely honest and transparent. Knowledge is power so I can only help you to the best of my abilities if you tell me what you are looking for and how you feel throughout the entire process; the good and the bad. Keeping the lines of communication open is pertinent to the success of me being able to help.


Outside of work:
Sabrina loves music festivals, the beach, weekend markets, going to the grocery store. All good fun.