Yseult d'Estelle Roe

Yseult d'Estelle Roe

Specialisation: Payroll Support, Accounting Support
Company Position: Associate Director
Email Address: yseult@accountability.com.au
Phone Number: +61 2 8296 5339
Location: Sydney

Area of expertise:

I have worked in the Sydney recruitment market since 2012, having previously worked within an Executive Search firm in Ireland. I started originally in a Consultant role, but quickly caught the bug and over the last 9 years have worked my way up to Associate Director of the Sydney Qualified Finance, Accounting Support & Payroll team. I have always specialised in the accounting & payroll markets in Sydney and was one of the pioneers of running a dedicated payroll focus, supporting Payroll Managers, CFOs and HRDs in expanding their payroll functions to centres of excellence. The main part of my role in recent times has been leading our business and people through their careers and this changing world. I love to partner with our MD to really focus on our people’s individual wellbeing and helping them get to the next step, whatever that is for them personally. The reason I’ve stayed so long at Ambition & AccountAbility, is because I truly enjoy recruitment and have an amazing team around me. I think I’ve lasted so long in the industry because I take my quality control very seriously – whether that be due diligence on a prospective candidate or client and I am totally dedicated to my market, often attending payroll and finance workshops off-site. If I am not working, I am usually spending time with family, travelling, or trying new restaurants.

Top candidate tip:

Treat every interaction you have with your Recruitment Consultant or the client as part of the interview! So often I see people become too relaxed in a second interview and miss out on the opportunity. Or behave in too relaxed a manner in their interactions with their Consultant, with poorly worded emails or not following up promptly with referee details etc. Every interaction you have affects your perception.

Outside of work:

Outside of work I am usually travelling or eating. I love to get to as many new countries as I can and have been known to fly overnight and come straight into work to maximise my time. I also love trying different restaurants and cuisines in Sydney and cooking at home.


‘’I find most of agencies frustrating because they always cater for needs of experienced people only. I am believer of having the right attitude towards your future growth. While helping organisations with finding experienced candidates, agencies should also give opportunities to such people who are ready to take first step towards their career, provided that they have dedicated personalities and are ready to learn and compromise on many things in the start. With you, I found that you do give chance to people with the right attitude. Remember, there is nothing that is impossible to learn. If someone is serious about their future and have reasonable qualifications and experience, they will put all their efforts to make you feel proud of your selection.’’