Accounting Support

Since our inception in 2004, AccountAbility has been specialising in finding jobs for accounting professionals in a diverse range of roles. We recruit in Sydney and Melbourne in the following job functions:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable/Credit

  • Payroll

  • Assistant Accountants

  • Bookkeeping & Accounts Assistants

  • Backpacker Jobs

We recruit at all levels from Officer through to National Management level. 

Looking for a contractor? 

With a dedicated team of contracting consultants, we have access to a pool of high calibre temporary and contract staff across accounting support roles who are available at short notice to help with temporary vacancies. Read more about how we can support your contractor needs.


The Accounting Support Team

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    Ben Knight

    Accounting Support- Sydney

    Senior Consultant

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    Janessa Smit

    Business Support & Accounting - Melbourne

    Team Leader

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    Yseult D'Estelle Roe

    Accounting Support- Sydney


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    Michael Dowds

    Accounting Support- Sydney

    Principal Consultant

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    Jonathan Baeten

    Accounting Support- Sydney

    Senior Consultant

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    Gina Morley

    Accounting Support- Sydney


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    Amanda Coad

    Accounting Support- Melbourne

    Consultant - Melbourne

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