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Why should you hire contractors?
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Why should you hire contractors?

Posted on 31 October 2018

There are a number of reasons why hiring contractors can be a great solution for your business:


Get the resources you need when you need them and how you need them, regardless of the duration. When fluctuating workloads mean an ever-changing requirement for staff hiring contractors enables you to expand or contract without unnecessary expense.

Larger Talent Pool

There are a growing number of candidates who prefer contract roles where they are able to hone their skills on different projects. This pool of candidates chooses to contract as they thrive on the challenge and variety that a contracting career offers. They tend to be a highly engaged workforce as they don’t experience the ‘burnout’ often experienced by longer-term permanent employees.


Contractors bring specialised expertise to a project or a task and this makes them more productive more quickly. It eliminates the time and cost of training and enables your business to quickly access the skill-sets required to complement your existing team.

Readily Available

Our contractors are fully referenced and in many cases, they have worked for us on a number of occasions. We are able to leverage our established global network and extensive database to promptly get you the support you need. Speed is our real differentiator here and we have the structure and processes in place to ensure your urgent needs are met.


Contractors with a background working for various different businesses offer a broader and more diverse range of experiences to your business. Diversity of experience, in turn, provides diversity of ideas, enabling your business to gain insights and an ‘outside the box’ perspective on work-related challenges. Contractors also come to most tasks or projects without the legacy of being involved in previous decisions that have led to the current situation, meaning a fresh viewpoint.

Ability to fit in – and fast!

Seasoned contractors are used to adapting to different cultures, teams, tools and systems. Hitting the ground running is a pre-requisite in a successful contractor and our consultants ensure that we reference every contractor with this particular skill in mind. In addition to this, the very nature of contract roles means that contractors remain removed from any office politics that may exist. The emphasis is on getting the job done.


Employing contractors enables your business to hire and let go as your need require. This helps you avoid all of the costs associated with hiring a permanent member of staff such as management, training, sickness, annual leave and redundancy.

Hiring without Headcount

If your business is under a headcount freeze or you are awaiting sign off on a permanent role, but you are still in need of resources hiring a contractor should be part of your recruitment strategy.


Contractors can help your business headcount shortages by covering resource needs during maternity, sick, sabbatical and long-service leave. We can also help ‘bridge the gap’ between the departure of a permanent staff member and the eventual permanent replacement. In a market where finding the perfect permanent employee make take some time, contracting could be the solution. Contractors are also a great option for seasonal peaks in workload, such as covering a busy Year End.

Before you Commit

Hiring talent on a contract basis also allows you the freedom to assess if the candidate is the right fit for your business before you commit to a permanent hire. It can also help in time of uncertainty where you elect to hire on a contracting basis until it is clear there is a permanent requirement.

Peace of Mind

We maintain regular communication with you and the contractor for the duration of the projects to ensure that everything is running well and that there are no issues.

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