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Three interview must-haves
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Three interview must-haves

Posted on 04 December 2018

An employer is generally seeking three broad qualities when they are hiring and your ability to match yourself to those requirements will determine your success in your job search.

The three standout qualities vary depending on the company, the position description and the hiring manager but generally relate to your capability (and your understanding of how your capability will benefit the company); thinking, that is, your positive mindset; and the No. 1 must-have quality, communication, in other words, good communication skills.

In taking responsibility for managing your career, you should always have a reasonable grasp of your own abilities – strengths, weaknesses, preferences, dislikes – and where you have proved your ability to make a positive difference to your current, past and future employers. Ideally, you can match your skills expertise and experience with those in demand.

While it’s harder to demonstrate in an interview situation, you need to be able to show potential employers evidence of your positive mindset and approach, as well as qualities such as resilience, persistence and drive.

Almost every job advertisement and position description specifies an ability to communicate effectively. This encompasses a spoken, written and social format.

Your error-free resumé and cover letter will indicate a high level of written comprehension and then you will need to be reasonably articulate and able to use your social skills to build rapport with the interviewer. You can demonstrate these before and during the interview.

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