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New increased confidence in the Melbourne market
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New increased confidence in the Melbourne market

Posted on 30 March 2021

For as long as I’ve been in recruitment, it has always been true that the market picks up after Australia Day. Hiring leaders have taken their leave, and the focus has finally moved on to hiring.

The 2021 market, particularly within Business Support, is well and truly booming, and with that changes the way that we need to work as both a job seeker and a hiring leader.

Throughout 2020, leaders in the recruitment industry were forecasting an uphill tick once certainty in Australia had improved.That uphill drive of recruitment is well and truly here.

What has changed in the market from 2020?

A client said to me just a couple of weeks ago, “What about all of those people that were made redundant during Covid19?” – well that was almost a year ago now and the market has turned from a buyers market to a candidate market. This means for a lot of businesses hiring, competition is fierce. On top of this, we are seeing that salary is no longer the sole dictating factor when choosing the right job. Now it’s been taken over by flexibility in the workplace from a hybrid working from home / office model, to being able to run off to the dentist or commitments for the children.

With more confidence in the market your own workers are also more likely to be looking elsewhere to find companies that can offer more flexibility, competitive wages and more opportunities for growth. This might leave you hiring more often than you would like.

Candidates who are active in the job market, are likely to be interviewing. Speed matters, and your ability to move quickly when you find the right candidate is important.

What can we do as hiring leaders to secure top talent in this new market?

Firstly, I would make sure the offering is on par with what is important to job seekers in the market. Having these conversations during the interview process ensures both parties are aware of what’s on offer in the role before it gets to the final stages.

My second advice is to move fast. Candidates, particularly those who are immediately available are ready to get back into work and have multiple processes going on at any one time. Aside from being able to offer the more enticing package, candidates will be more engaged in processes that are more engaged in them.

How does this change things as a job seeker?

It means that the market is rich and there are opportunities out there. You should spend your job seeking time making sure that you are applying for jobs that are offering what you are looking for in a new role. Be confident in asking for what you want and making sure that the role ticks all your boxes.

For job seekers looking to make a move out of their role, don’t be afraid. There is much less fear of “last in, first out” with businesses now on top of their response to the ongoing Covid19.

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