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Getting to know Jannifer Liao
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Getting to know Jannifer Liao

Posted on 09 August 2022

Associate Consultant Jannifer Liao joined AccountAbility in March 2022.

Since then she has made a whopping 21 placements & indulged us with her culinary skills. We thought it was time to share Jannifer with the rest of the world, instead of keeping her to ourselves!

Jannifer Liao

How did you first learn about AccountAbility?

I was looking for my next step in recruitment when I was told of an opportunity with AccountAbility through a recruiter Greenbridge Recruitment.

What made AccountAblity the right fit for you?

I knew AccountAbility was the right fit for me after I had the initial interview with Yseult, she was friendly, down-to-earth and really understood my situation. I was wanting to find a good company that would provide me with the right training and guidance to succeed in recruitment. The conversation felt natural and many things aligned with what I was looking for in terms of company culture, values, and progression. I knew I found “the one” even though I had other interviews. I kept thinking of AccountAbility and the team, and what it would be like working with them - I have not regretted it ever since.

What are your aims for next year in recruitment?

I hope to be able to manage the whole 360 recruitment process from candidates to clients. I enjoy my current work and every day is different. I would like to see myself having the ability to do everything and having the choice of whether I would want to stay in my current position or take on more responsibilities in a 360 role.

How do you think others describe you?

I think others will describe me as focused and easy-going. I give everything my best and hope my work is recognised and has helped others in the process. I hope others view me as a good colleague and someone they can have a nice chat with.

Who has inspired you at AccountAbility and why?

Gina has definitely inspired me the most at AccountAbility. Whether it’s her work ethic, outstanding performance, or her humble nature, she has inspired me to become better and achieve more. I have learned a lot from her and feel very lucky to be able to work side by side with such a high performer and highly self-disciplined person. I don’t know if I could do what she does, but I hope one day I could do a portion of what she does.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I think in my role, helping a candidate find the right role or a company in need of a great candidate is an accomplishment for me. That’s my job and I’m happy to be able to assist my team in AccountAbility with placements. I enjoy the process of it from identifying an amazing candidate, to having a great initial conversation, to referring them to potential roles, writing their branding, and completing their reference check. I feel proud of every step of the process. It’s been a learning experience and it always makes my day when I hear Gina say, “xxx has accepted the offer, woohoo!”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I can’t really recall the best piece of advice I’ve been given but there has definitely been much advice given to me throughout my life. Right now I go by the simple “you do you”, which is to not worry so much about everything. Whether it’s what you wear, how you look like, what others think of you or where you are in comparison to others. As long as you have tried your best and have no regrets then all that’s left is beyond your control.

One last question for you Jannifer, ​ what is the secret to your famous salad?

Haha it's just garlic and some sauces.... I'll send you the recipe!

If you are looking for your next step in your recruitment career like Jannifer or would like the recipe to Jannifer's salad dressing, contact Gina Morley, Divisional Lead of AccountAbility for a confidential discussion.

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