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The number one demand from candidates
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The number one demand from candidates

Posted on 25 January 2023

​I have been working as an Associate Consultant for AccountAbility for just under a year now across roles primarily within accounts payable and accounts receivable. We are specialised in this field as well as payroll.

At the moment in the market, I’m noticing when speaking to candidates that a key aspect is still highly sought after. That being flexibility, if not, at least the ability to work from home. A lot of candidates are looking to start the new year with a fresh, new role.

I would say that organisations offering flexibility at the moment are in a better position to attract more candidates when hiring for a role. Providing flexibility in the current market is a guaranteed way to appeal to a wider pool of candidates.

AccountAbility recently ran a survey for our latest Market Trends Report and the results were blinding. 53% of candidates would NOT apply for a role with no flexibility.

Retention Factors (1).png

If you would like to get your hands on our latest Market Trends Report and discuss the results, you can reach out to me or the team here.

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