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The Sydney accounting support market: Insights and advice
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The Sydney accounting support market: Insights and advice

Posted on 25 July 2023

​As we enter a new financial year, job seekers in the Sydney accounting support field can look forward to a promising environment. As a consultant at AccountAbility in Sydney, I’m sharing the trends and opportunities in the market and providing valuable insights to help candidates make informed decisions about their career paths.


Essential skills for job seekers in the accounting support field

To succeed in today's competitive job market, accounting support professionals must possess a diverse set of skills. Adaptability, resilience, and the ability to learn new technologies quickly are highly valued by employers. Effective communication, collaboration, and the ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders are also crucial.


The growing importance of leadership and management skills

As organisations grow and evolve, the demand for candidates with strong leadership and management skills is increasing. Clients are seeking individuals who can effectively lead and motivate teams, as well as inspire others. Approximately 40% of clients are now emphasising these qualities when seeking candidates for both leadership and management roles.


A critical component

In today's finance roles, particularly in more senior positions, the ability to engage with non-financial stakeholders has become essential. Effective communication, especially with individuals outside the finance department, is highly valued. The capacity to analyse complex situations and think outside the box is also a critical skill in stakeholder engagement.


Preparing for the new financial year

With the start of the new financial year comes new budgets and increased hiring activities. For those considering a career move, patience is key. It is advisable to stay in your current role and remain open to the opportunities that the market will present in the coming weeks. Comparing roles, weighing the pros and cons, and finding a position that aligns with your goals and values should be a priority. Wait for the right role that will make you excited to wake up every morning and contribute to a healthy work environment.


Opportunities and advice

The contractor market is currently thriving, making it an excellent time for candidates who are immediately available and open to contract roles. Contract positions can often lead to permanent roles for the right candidate. If you have a proven track record as a contractor, it's crucial to keep recruiters informed of your availability. Reach out via email or phone to let them know when you're ready for your next assignment. Keep in mind that some of these contract opportunities may evolve into longer-term or even permanent positions, providing an opportunity to test the waters before committing to a specific career path.


Key takeaways:

  1. Job seekers should focus on developing essential skills, including adaptability, resilience, effective communication, and stakeholder engagement.

  2. Leadership and management abilities are increasingly sought after, and candidates should take note of the growing emphasis on these qualities.

  3. Whether considering a career move or seeking contract opportunities, staying informed, patient, and proactive is essential for success in this dynamic job market.

Watch our Hot tips video series discussing these points, in our video library.

​If you are looking for a role within the accounting support space, reach out to me here.

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