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Six insights you need to know on the candidate-driven Payroll market
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Six insights you need to know on the candidate-driven Payroll market

Posted on 24 October 2023

Earlier this year, the payroll industry underwent a significant transformation, with candidates holding a prominent position in the job market; as employers sought top payroll professionals, it was crucial to comprehend the evolving landscape.

In today's payroll market, candidates have the upper hand. They find themselves in a unique position, with multiple offers and opportunities. Here's what this shift means for both candidates and employers.

1. Redefining job priorities

Candidates are no longer motivated solely by salary figures. They're increasingly prioritising working for organisations that value and respect the payroll process.

2. Spotlight on Payroll

Organisations that overlook their payroll function are now under scrutiny. Candidates are more discerning and actively seek out companies that invest in and support their payroll operations.

3. Investing in Payroll success

Candidates are on the lookout for businesses that genuinely invest in the success of their payroll function. This includes adopting advanced payroll systems, streamlining processes, and establishing dedicated teams.

4. Consequences of neglect

Inadequate investment in payroll can lead to costly discrepancies, legal complications, and employee dissatisfaction. Candidates are steering clear of organisations that don't take payroll seriously.

5. Senior Payroll professionals in demand

The demand for experienced payroll professionals remains high in the senior job market. Companies now recognise that a robust payroll function is not only critical for compliance and accuracy but also for overall business success and employee satisfaction.

6. The battle for top talent

The competition to secure the best payroll candidates has intensified. Employers are reevaluating their talent acquisition and retention strategies. To attract top-tier talent, organisations must demonstrate their commitment to investing in advanced systems and expert teams.

In the evolving payroll landscape, candidates are no longer satisfied with employers who view payroll as a back-office function. They seek organisations that value the payroll process and understand the expertise and dedication required to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. Both candidates and employers need to adapt to these changing dynamics to succeed in this candidate-driven payroll market.

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