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2023... That's all folks!
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2023... That's all folks!

Posted on 20 December 2023

After the incredible year of 2022, many in the recruitment industry felt that perhaps our time had come. Clients wanting to engage exclusively, candidates wanting to move and recruiters valuing the incredible contribution we make to an organisation’s vision and culture.

Press play on 2023 and the race to the bottom returned. Markets slowing, employees nervous about “last in first out” (and similar nonsense), meant clients not hiring, agencies panicking, and the recipe for the industry not valuing itself returned.

It’s been an inflection-point year. We haven’t broken any records (well, maybe one – “most consistent vision”?) but what we have done has set us up incredibly well to be able to support our customers and candidates to build even better futures in 2024, our 25th year of operation.

Our strong balance sheet has provided security and harmony for our people. This means we’ve been able to keep showing up, providing support to new and existing customers at all stages of their cycles knowing that the same team providing the same great service will continue to be valued by those organisations in the long term.

It has also enabled us to strengthen our Sydney and Melbourne teams in our core specialisations, further enhancing our depth of knowledge and expertise in our core areas of subject matter areas. I’m sure the enjoyment our team have had this year, despite how challenging it is to recruit in the current conditions, has translated into our ability to add to our team with such impressive people.

We moved to an incredible new HQ at 200 George Street in Sydney and, most importantly we’ve continued to develop our team professionally and personally, so they are even better equipped for the future both at work and in life. We’ve worked on our technical skills, life skills, and introduced new health and well-being initiatives.

That, and the continuous improvement of our benefits program, means that our business continues to be great to stay with, not just hard to leave.

Although we doubt we’ll look back on 2023 as one of our most lucrative 12 months in the industry, we're certainly delighted with what we learnt, the people we added and that we continued to grow the culture and capability of our business.

Above all, we're proud of our group for refusing to race to the bottom and holding firm to our commitment to valuing our industry as the professional service we are proud to offer.

Highlights of the year!


Our PRIDE winners; are those who embodied our company values and were voted for by the group.

Learn more about our PRIDE values here.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives include two half days a year for every single team member, to participate in volunteering their time to a charity of their choosing and to participate with their team.

These are our CSR highlights from 2023.

  • Our Melbourne team took part in "Sleep at the G" in May - an event to raise essential funds while joining in the conversation about youth homelessness. The team spent the night in the corridors of the MCG in the chilly temperatures of Autumn. The team managed to raise an outstanding $2728.00.

  • Our Sydney team hosted a raffle in December to raise produce for Foodbank - over 50 items were collected!

  • During the entire year, between Sydney & Melbourne, we placed 415 candidates which means we donated 415 trees to the Tree Project in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you want to stay updated on our CSR activities, follow us on Instagram.

Interested in becoming a part of our team? Check out our 'Work for Us' hub here.

Happy holidays!

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