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Top tips for Temps
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Top tips for Temps

Posted on 09 January 2024

Are you between roles and intrigued by the idea of taking on a temp role? Do you think you could offer value to a business as a contractor?

Be honest

When looking for temp work and working with a recruitment consultant, it's best that you are honest, so the recruiter knows best how to help you. Be honest about what other roles you have in the pipeline, where your priorities are in seeking a temp role vs a perm role and your availability. This will help your credibility as well as help the recruitment consultant to find the best role that will be suitable. This should continue into the temp role you secure, with honesty around leave required and interviewing for other roles.

Be available

Candidates who are available immediately or with very short notice (a few days) will be prioritised over those who need to give a lengthy notice period. The nature of contract work is that clients generally have an immediate need and therefore need someone who is available. Similar to upcoming holidays for more than a few days, for a short-term contract it is likely that this may impact your suitability.

Be well presented

Starting with the interview, it’s always going to give the best impression if you are smartly dressed. The same goes for your first day in a new contract role until you can gauge the dress code around the office.

Be on time

Your recruitment consultant will always confirm your first day details with you – where to go and what time to be expected. It's important to be on time – but no more than 5 minutes early to make sure the team is ready to have you onboard.

If you are ever running late, send your recruitment consultant a message so they can give the client a heads-up. It's always best to keep the communication lines open so that everyone is informed.

Be helpful and happy!

One thing that will make you stand out as a contractor is the willingness to be helpful and put your hand up to take on extra tasks within the organisation. Those candidates who turn up to work every day happy, and willing to work will be those who thrive in a temp role and open up further opportunities for themselves.

If you are looking at either evaluating or changing your current employment situation, you can reach out to the team here for a confidential conversation.

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