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Employee satisfaction trends in 2024
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Employee satisfaction trends in 2024

Posted on 14 May 2024

​We often spend more waking hours with colleagues than with family, so finding the right fit is paramount. A resume may align perfectly with a job description, but the real test lies in whether the culture and personalities sync.

At the heart of our approach lies the commitment to facilitating these connections, ensuring a harmonious match between employers and employees that fosters longevity and satisfaction.


A fundamental practice

Central to this endeavour is the recognition of the evolving dynamics surrounding flexible work arrangements. While once a coveted perk, the ability to work remotely or with flexible hours has transitioned from a desired luxury to an expected norm. Candidates now prioritise roles that offer such flexibility, viewing it as integral to their work-life balance.

Employers, take heed: the diminishing emphasis on flexible work does not equate to a lesser importance. Failure to offer these arrangements could significantly shrink your candidate pool, hindering your ability to attract top talent.


Salary shifts

The recent shift in market dynamics further highlights the importance of understanding candidate priorities.

From 2022 to 2023, a surge in salaries and a scarcity of candidates characterised the recruitment scene. We witnessed substantial salary hikes, reflecting the intense competition for talent. However, as the market stabilises, candidates no longer find themselves in a position to command instant pay raises of $15-20,000 when switching roles.

Consequently, salary considerations have ascended in importance, influencing candidates' decision-making processes.


Our contribution

As recruiters, we navigate these fluctuations with a keen eye on the evolving needs and expectations of both employers and candidates. Our commitment to facilitating meaningful connections extends beyond matching skills to job requirements; it encompasses aligning cultures, personalities, and work arrangements. In doing so, we contribute to the creation of workplaces where employees prosper, fostering loyalty and longevity.


Success lies in adaptation

Employers who prioritise transparent communication, flexibility, and competitive compensation packages will emerge as magnets for top talent.

Likewise, candidates who approach their job search with a holistic view, considering factors beyond salary, will find themselves better positioned for long-term success and satisfaction.

For further insights from our recent Market Trends survey, see our report here.

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