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Exploring new roles in payroll
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Exploring new roles in payroll

Posted on 08 May 2024

​In response to the increasingly complex regulatory environment, the payroll industry is witnessing the emergence of dedicated roles focused on governance and compliance management. Traditionally absorbed within broader payroll functions, these responsibilities now require specialised attention due to heightened scrutiny around issues like underpayments and overpayments.

HRIS system specialists

The integration of globalised payroll and HR systems has led to a growing demand for HRIS system specialists. These professionals play a crucial role in managing and optimising complex systems, ensuring seamless integration between HR functions and payroll operations.

Payroll accounting

With the need for accurate financial reporting and compliance, the role of payroll accountants is experiencing a resurgence. These professionals possess both payroll and financial expertise, bridging the gap between finance and payroll departments to ensure accurate financial reporting while maintaining compliance with payroll regulations.

Commercial analysis

Payroll data holds valuable insights for informed decision-making and cost optimisation. The rise of commercial analysis within payroll functions highlights the strategic importance of payroll beyond its traditional transactional role. By leveraging payroll data, organisations can derive valuable insights to drive strategic growth and optimise operations.

Investing in talent development

As the payroll industry evolves, continuous learning and development are essential for professionals to stay ahead of industry changes. Organisations must invest in training and mentorship to nurture the next generation of payroll leaders, ensuring compliance, operational efficiency, and strategic growth in the developing payroll landscape.

Embracing change for strategic growth

The arrival of new roles in the payroll industry reflects the growing complexity and importance of payroll management in modern organisations. By embracing these changes and investing in talent development, organisations can navigate regulatory challenges, optimise operations, and drive strategic growth in the dynamic payroll landscape.

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