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Dreams turned into reality
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Dreams turned into reality

Posted on 06 July 2022

What is Dream Team​

Dream team is a reward offered to all of our Sydney and Melbourne team members by our Ambition & AccountAbility leaders.

An all-expense paid trip to a beautiful location somewhere hot, and beaming with sunshine, to show our appreciation for their hard work.

​The destination

COVID-19 was a small setback in our plans, however, we were able to make this year's trip happen once again and we are thrilled for our winners!

This year the team travelled to the tropical Port Douglas in Queensland where they danced with death (crocodiles), floated in streams and ate to their heart's content. Celebrating was the main agenda here, bellies full and the air filled with consistent laughter.

What it means to the team

We asked our dreamers to say a few words about what this incentive means to them.

"I had the best weekend, it’s a real chance to try things you wouldn’t usually book for yourself, but also to get to know your team out of a work environment! Especially to spend time with the Melbourne guys rather than seeing them over a screen. You feel a great sense of achievement, and its lovely to spend time with like minded people, who are all there due to their drive and success which is very special. It gives you something to aim for in the year, and I hope I get on every trip as I would be very jealous if I didn’t!" -Gina Morley, Principal Consultant, AccountAbility

"Dream Team trips are always such great fun. It’s really nice to spend time with everyone out of the office, having a mix of unwinding poolside and exploring the local area. A highlight for me this year was definitely the group dinners, I enjoy getting to catch up with everyone over delicious food and drinks and there’s always guaranteed a good laugh." -Sophie Hirst, Operations Manager, Ambition Group

"Over the last 10 years with Ambition I consider myself so lucky to have been to Fiji, Bali, Vietnam, The Whitsundays and now Port Douglas on the Dream Team trip. I can’t believe how lucky we are to get to experience such an amazing treat where we get to know each other better outside of work, create bonds that make the hard days easier and celebrate each other’s success. I never take this for granted and love the culture we’ve created around this trip as an aspiration." -Yseult d'Estelle Roe, Director, AccountAbility & Ambition

Dream team winners having dinner
Pool side view
Dream team yoga class
Dream team group
Dream team swimming in river

Julian Soames, Associate Director, Finance - Banking & Financial Services, Ambition, reflects upon his time in Port Douglas.

"My most abiding memory of dream team was the moment when my phone became no longer of this world. To be clear, it isn’t lost. I know exactly where it is ...

I just can't get it unless I'm prepared to lose my legs, a couple of arms and possibly my head.

You see, I dropped it in a crocodile infested river while on a boat cruise and while we were about 2m away from the crocodile that the boat driver had repeatedly told us that he 'wouldn't trust'. True story, and one that must have been told a thousand times.

You don’t realise how much you need a phone until you don’t have one … which is why I forgot to get my flu shot this morning because the reminder was on my phone. It’s possible that a crocodile saw it pop up and decided to go in my place. However, that’s fairly unlikely.

So long phone.

We’d only known each other for a short while but you’ll be in my heart forever. Time to go back to the old Nokia I think. At least they only cost $50 to replace when they inevitably meet a similar crocodile themed fate.

Crocodiles aside it's so great to work for a company who celebrate success in such a visible way. Dream team's always a great time to catch up with colleagues in other offices, drink more cocktails in 3 days than I do in the rest of the year and see how close Charlie can come to initiating a full blown lawsuit.

Bring on 2023."

Dream team on a boat
Dream team in the pool
Dream team walking through the forest
Dream team lunch in Daintree

Adam Forster, Managing Director of Ambition Australia, explains just what makes our Dream Team trip so extraordinary.

"Our high performers aren’t just those who bill the most money. They are the ones, regardless of their role type, who show consistently awesome attitudes and effort levels in their endeavours to be at their personal best. I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating their efforts with them last weekend in Port Douglas.

I’m reminded again about some of the skills it takes to be great in this industry. Hard work, resilience, curiosity and a great sense of humour, all of which were shown in abundance at the various destinations, dinner tables, dino-bird-spottings and dancefloors we found ourselves at.

This year’s group have been together since the very start of the COVID pandemic and are enjoyed the return on their investment during those incredibly challenging months. The trust, connection and respect this year’s Dreamteam had for each other is both obvious and special.

Thank you Dreamteam, you’re bloody awesome ."

Next year

Dream Team 2022 is well underway, and we can't wait to celebrate our new dreamers next year!

If you are ambitious and interested in becoming a winner, contact us today!

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