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About Michael

Michael is a senior recruiter with 15 years of experience recruiting in the Payroll & HR Systems space. Michael’s portfolio is to recruit for consulting, payroll health check, risk & compliance roles across NSW. He is a close industry partner and can offer value not just through hiring, but also through market intell through his network. 

Roles I recruit:

  • Group Payroll Leaders/Head of Payroll

  • International, Asia Pacific or Global Payroll Leads

  • HR & Finance Shared Service Managers

  • Group AP or AR Managers

  • Payroll Managers/Operational Team Leaders

  • Systems & Compliance Analysts/Managers

  • Payroll Auditors/Consultants

  • HRIS Systems Specialist/HR Compliance

  • Payroll & HR Systems Implementation & Optimisation Experts

  • Senior Payroll Officers/Payroll Officers

Outside of work:

Originally in Sydney, Michael has resided in Australia for 15 years. Outside of recruitment, Michael is extremely dedicated to weightlifting, yoga & HIIT training to support an energised, life-affirming and passionate mindset. He also is working on a second novel, in the genre of dystopian fiction. A cathartic escape from the daily stress of recruitment life!

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